JOLT Challenge Trainer Testimonials

"The JOLT Challenge Trainers Programme benefited me in many ways including the benefits of JOLT Challenge itself with some much needed discipline around 'me' time to reflect, apply tools and start to shift some behaviours. I gained more clarity around purpose and goals for my business in the process.

My training has generally improved thanks to the valuable feedback received in the training programme and to the introduction to some great tools and techniques that impact all my training now. I feel my approach has been refreshed and re-energised as a result. I also benefit from the resources that Mind Warriors allow me access to which help me continue to build my knowledge.

And the most enjoyable benefit is the opportunity to deliver JOLT Challenge to both public and corporate groups. It is energising, challenging and rewarding to see the shifts that many participants make over the weeks. It is a joy to deliver!"
Annie Whitley

"The JOLT Challenge trainers program was a unique experience. Not only did I get to experience the JOLT Challenge program for myself with the personal journey that entails, but the trainers program is designed to embed the material on a deeper level.

In terms of the personal journey, the JOLT Challenge program was impeccably timed for me. By clarifying my values and life direction, JOLT Challenge sparked a slight change in career. I took a risk on a role that aligned well with my values, though not with a traditional 'career path'. This proved to be an inspired choice. JOLT Challenge has helped me manage my diet, exercise and sleep patterns, to allow me to get more done. Some of this extra time I have found gets set aside to reflect and reinvent myself, which is something I never did in the past but again has proved to be invaluable. Perhaps most powerfully, JOLT Challenge helped me deal with a recent divorce and rebound from the pain that caused. I can say without a doubt that I still use JOLT Challenge tools every single day.

As for the deeper level of training that the trainers course allows for, I found it truly stimulating. JOLT Challenge is an accessible navigator through the maze of work on self intelligence, which spans many disciplines. JOLT Challenge cuts through the bull, jargon and fluff of many 'self improvement' approaches. It has been put together without dogma, simply with a relentless focus on 'what works'. I have always been interested in self improvement, but often find that similar ideas are simply repackaged and sold as something new. JOLT Challenge does the hard work for you, yet the JOLT Challenge trainers program still allows you to drill down into the concepts in a high level of detail.

Being a JOLT Challenge trainer lets me contribute to people's lives, knowing I am well backed by more research than I could ever do myself. This is an immensely fulfiling service to offer."
Geoff Simmons