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Public Programme

“JOLT Challenge is a great prompt to stop thinking and start acting to make your life better. The book + journal + the classes really help you to put yourself on the spot and, hopefully, start making a difference.”

— Angela Stafford, Maria Clarke Lawyers

“I unreservedly recommend the JOLT Challenge. So much of it is about reaffirmation of one's own strengths but it is supported by impressive research and presented in such an interactive way that you walk away from each session with a newfound determination and enthusiasm to be the best you can be and armed with a toolkit to help you tackle challenges faced personally and in the workplace.”

— Sue

“A great programme suitable for a wide audience filled with practical tools. There is something here for everyone!”

— Stacey Coulthard, NZ Institute of Management

“I really enjoyed attending the challenge – a weekly habit that helps you to build on and reinforce the learnings as you go along, and enhance one's self awareness.”

— Karen Fistonich, Villa Maria Wines

“A well worthwhile and great holistic course. The well thought out and instructed 9 weeks has helped me focus on many aspects of life and behaviour, sometimes reinforcing prior thoughts, and often bringing new ideas, tools, exercises and concepts. I feel that much value is gained after the 9 weeks in reviewing and reflecting content and exercises, and much more yet to be yielded!”

— Robert Sinclair, Constellation Brands

“JOLT was a life challenging event in terms of creating stronger self awareness; by providing a wide range of topics that have a logical flow, with learnings and tools that help make sense of the 'stuff' as adults and business people we know, but often need reminding along the journey to a 'balanced and more fulfilled' life. A holistic programme, based on scientific research but there is no hint of brown sandals or singing "Kumbya".

— Amanda Scott, Interim Task Force

“A fantastic program that truly turned my life around. Since undergoing the Challenge, I have a much healthier and stronger relationship with my partner, I have taken actions to vastly improve my financial situation, and I am more aware of my work life balance, and of what aspects of my life contribute to a sense of fulfillment. I am more open to different things and endeavour to recognise and deal with any doubts or fears that arise. I highly recommend this program, for anyone. Thank you for this amazing experience.”

— Sophia Murphy, Estee Lauder

“It has been a life changing experience for me. It’s made me look at my personal and professional life & questioned why I was doing what I was doing. Change had to happen, for the better and I am much stronger for it.”

— W.D. Ivoclar Vivadent

“Thank you to all involved in the development and presentation of JOLT Challenge. It was my privilege to be part of a group of individuals who would not, in all likelihood, cross paths in everyday life. Although initially preoccupied with my own personal reactions and challenges, I did eventually shift my eyes away from my navel, and was rewarded with the enthusiastic demonstration of individual achievement by the rest of the group. I did spend some time outside looking in, but I think on the whole, I learnt much from seeing myself from both perspectives. Thank you again. I trust JOLT Challenge will continue to thrive and flourish, providing undeniable benefit to people of all emotional and intellectual shape and size!”

— Paul Witherspoon.

“I found the course empowering and enlightening. It was a friendly, easy and fun way to awaken my senses, and teach me new self awareness techniques covering the full spectrum of life's learnings. I suppose the course has shown me how to put the sometimes unknown pieces of my own jigsaw back into the jigsaw in a simplistic, measurable and leisurely way. I also have met and made some good friends, with whom I hope to continue my journey in life. Thank you JOLT Challenge!”

— Andrew Burns

“I would recommend JOLT Challenge to everyone as the foundation of their growth and foundation to set goals. It is the ultimate in personal development processes."

— John Triggs

“I found the JOLT Challenge to be a very effective, all encompassing self advancement program. Full of interesting and imaginative tips and advice for ironing out the little glitches, which hold us back from fulfillment. Highly recommended.”

— Mark Scott

“JOLT Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to re-focus and gain a skill set that enables you to make real change in your life.”

— Sam Medary

“JOLT Challenge is a great way to learn how to step away from busy life styles.”

— Richard de Vere

“JOLT Challenge is an excellent toolkit to discover one's full potential. Its focus on the individual is very relevant in today's complex, diverse and fluid society. Ultimately the individual can claim the responsibility to positively shape his/her goals as well as the environment – after it all starts from the little changes within.”

— Fabian Low

“JOLT Challenge is a challenge and it takes time and perseverance to complete, however the effort is really worth it and the team workshops are a fun and inspiring way of embedding and sharing. So often we are heads down and rarely take the opportunity to take stock and really examine where we are going and how we will get there. JOLT Challenge gives you this opportunity.”

— Nicky Benson

“Thank you for an enriching course which has built my confidence and made me aware of how I can relate better to others in the workplace, especially valuable for dealing with difficult situations in the workplace.”

— Ola Tupouniua

“The JOLT Challenge programme provided a series of tools and resources that are tangible and realistic in today’s busy work environment. The course work is fun, it is challenging and it uses all aspects of the human senses to push boundaries and break patterns. No one is judging you, it’s doing what you can within your comfort zones. It was really cool to be part of a programme that reaffirmed who I was, at the same questioned then gave solutions. Very cool!”

— Hinurewa te Hau

“JOLT Challenge provides a huge array of tools, resources and skills to operate more effectively in life and business but that is not the key part for me. Instead it was the going deep, truly understanding the way I thought, felt and reacted so I could make better choices (using the tools) in order to craft and create the life and vocation that resonates with my deepest values and gifts. Thank you.”

— Melissa Muirhead, Sealord

"JOLT Challenge is a fantastic shared experience that pushes you slightly outside your comfort zone – helping you open up to doing things differently and boosting your confidence and self-esteem. The whole process is very supportive and well managed, which helps you try out new ideas, and think about things in a different way. While the journal helps deepen your self knowledge and understanding, the group work really brings it to life and shows you how you can integrate the tools into what you do everyday".

— Jane Davis

"Jolted to the core! I recommend this course without any reservations to anyone, regardless of age, who wants to improve the quality of their own life, and thereby the quality of the lives of all of those with whom they come into contact. At age 68, with a wealth of personal, private and public experience, I am still learning and loving it. I wish that something as complete as this had been around when I was very young and at all those times when I needed help to deal with the curved balls life throws at us when we least expect it. It is a distillation of the world's wisdom presented with insight and humour and as many tools and exercises to develop your body, mind and spirit as you could possibly wish for. After reading the book three times, and attending the course which is very focussed, I am finding it easier to do the things that are important rather than wasting valuable time on things of no value, something we must learn as soon and as quickly as we possibly can because life is very brief indeed. The course, like life, depends on what we put into it for what we get out of it. That requires Self Intelligence, and that is what Jolt is all about, Self Intelligence! Thank you yet again for such a succinct and fun way to learn life's lessons. As I keep saying, a tour de force, which I look forward to seeing introduced to all areas of society where individuals need to be jolted into change for the better."

— Moira, North Shore City Libraries

"This programme is quite unique. I've developed a better understanding of what drives me, what's important to me and how to take charge of my emotions so that I live life to its fullest. The methodology of delivery and the structure of the programme is such that change happens subtly and effectively, and most of all, it is not at all threatening! I'd heartily recommend this programme to anyone who wants to be more effective and true to who they are."

— Yvonne, President of Auckland International Coaching Federation

"JOLT is a tremendous way to awaken the potential of your brain and give yourself every opportunity and tool to "succeed" in your life. The real power is the balance between identifying and working towards your life's true purpose and the daily tools and techniques that JOLT provides to enable you to best enjoy the journey along the way."

— Tony, Sheppard Industries

"Great concept and modern take on ideas. The sessions relate awsomely to what is covered in the book and continue the theme or mood through both. Trainers are awesome, it has been a while since I had someone push those buttons but is refreshing to know it is okay to be me and the "Me" is a great person, Thanks for pointing that out. A unique opportunity to meet the real you. This course is real, it will make changes if you allow it to."

— Kirk, Coverstaff Recruitment

"The JOLT Challenge is amazing, it is soooo practical and easy to apply to everyday life, it has given me the tools that I need to suceed in life. This course is sooo comprehensive and soo recommendable to everyone, I tell people about it all the time so I hope they come on board and start this course because they will never look back!"

— Tracey

"When you hear the words 'self-help course' you can't help but cringe and think, 'here we go, touchy feely' but JOLT Challenge is quite different to anything I've been involved with before. I like the fact it has benefitted both my professional and personal life. I am a better person as a result of doing the course. Sure you can read the book but the insights from people on my course and the exercises we did in the sessions all enable a much stronger outcome. You will get out of this what you put in, but with the book, journal and weekly sessions – you really can't go wrong.”

— Niki

"JOLT Challenge allows people to look within themselves for area of improvement and gives them real tools to challenge where they are and to set new goals for self improvement, which has a real impact on both the individual and those who come in to contact with them – family, friends and work. Great course to go through and much better than adhoc development courses or self development books."

— Charles