Book endorsements

Leading management thinkers & authors

"An amazing book – so comprehensive, relevant, quotable, practical, doable and inspirational."

Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

"This is an attractively presented book full of practical wisdom."

Edward de Bono, World Leader in Creative Thinking

“Finally, a business book that puts the power of the human mind center stage!!”

Dr. Kjell A. Nordström, Co-author of Funky Business

"JOLT Challenge is an incredible tool for stimulating change and growth in self. When you start with that cornerstone of self-trust, the life you build reflects your core values, affecting every aspect of your world. Your health, wealth, and relationships will benefit, helping you maximize results and create positive change."

Stephen M. R. Covey, Author of The Speed of Trust

“This is a book that motivates the reader to do something about becoming the person they want to be. Its logical structure leads the reader inexorably towards action (or at the least a great sense of guilt about inaction!). Its overviews of the neurological, physiological, nutritional and psychological underpinnings of personal progress are concise and relevant. Its tone is energetic, captivating and far from preaching. In the genre of self-help books it is one of a very small number where I am stimulated to congratulate the authors, rather than wish someone would take a contract out on them!”

Professor David Clutterbuck, Author of Everyone Needs A Mentor and Making Coaching Work

“After more than 30 years of experience as a consultant and trainer, I can say without hesitation that JOLT Challenge is the most comprehensive and effective life-skills program I have seen. If you’re interested in personal and career success, I strongly recommend JOLT Challenge to you.”

Dr. Ken Hultman, Author of Making Change Irresistible and Balancing Individual and Organizational Values

“Simple, entertaining and yet has the power to inspire and transform attitudes and behaviour. From the outset, readers are encouraged to apply ideas directly to their own lives and in doing so can grasp seemingly complex concepts. Different languages spoken appeal to different audiences – allowing an individual to integrate learning and develop an enquiring mind with greater self-reflection. This sets the scene for them to become authors of their own lives with the potential to lead others effectively.”

Clare Mann, Author of The Myths of Life


“JOLT Challenge is a substantial catch from a vast sea of self-help programmes, setting participants on to a path to improved health, wealth and relationships.”

Mindfood Magazine

“JOLT Challenge takes a holistic approach to self development, encouraging you to tap into the physical, mental and emotional aspects of yourself to make positive changes in your life.”


“JOLT Challenge is easy to follow and has some rather interesting (and entertaining) views about the world that is your life. There are true life stories and amazing quotes to keep you motivated and to make positive changes. So get your glasses on and give yourself the ‘jolt’ you really need.”

Auckland Today


“JOLT Challenge is very comprehensive and easy to read. It is informative and expressed in clear and easily understandable terms. It is a good resource and one that can be returned to as interest and need prompts.”

Dr Gary Hermansson, Sports Psychologist & Mental Performance Coach

“JOLT Challenge takes complex, theoretical ideas and makes them truly accessible to the lay person. It presents material in engaging, concise prose and provides excellent and relevant examples. This book will appeal not only to those aiming for business success and personal growth, but also to the thinking practitioner and business academic. I congratulate the authors on this eminently thoughtful, useful and practical volume.”

Dr Rachel Morrison, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business, AUT University, Co-host of TV’s Brain Power

“Personal mastery is a lifelong endeavour. JOLT Challenge focuses our energies on the basic building blocks to become all that we strive for over the lifespan. Thoroughly practical, easy to read and delightful, yes, full of delight.”

Professor Francesco Sofo, Associate Dean Education, University of Canberra, Author of Open Your Mind: the 7 keys to thinking critically

Business leaders

“An outstanding book, which together with the JOLT Challenge sessions gives the reader a wonderful launch pad for personal and business success.”

Tony Falkenstein, CEO Just Water International, NZ Business Hall of Fame

“I am a passionate believer in the basic fact that we shape our own destiny and that we can all make wondrous things happen. However like all things, there are techniques to be learned to unleash our potential and we have to know ourselves well to do it. I would not have started my own business or become Mayor of Auckland without learning these techniques. JOLT Challenge is a well put together summation of these techniques and its step-by-step approach should effectively stop any temptation to read and not learn and practice. I might have gone for Prime Minister if I had of had access to this book!”

Dick Hubbard, Founder of Hubbard’s Foods, Former Mayor of Auckland

“JOLT Challenge is a valuable book. I loved the quotes, and its terrific layout means the information is in the right sized chunks to keep the reader interested. I was especially impressed by the breadth of information that is delivered without the reader feeling overwhelmed. It is very clear why all sections are important to digest if you are serious about making a change. The reference to movies makes the learning fun, helps reinforce the content and is also an ideal way to explain and share what you are doing with someone else.”

Marie-Ann Billens, General Manager, Estee Lauder Companies

“A fascinating programme. Definitely the most comprehensive compilation of personal change techniques that I have ever come across.”

Phillip Mills, Creative Director, Les Mills International, 2004 NZ Entrepreneur of the Year

Sporting legends

“JOLT Challenge, the great new big little book. It captivated me from the very beginning with so many fabulous quotes and quirky stories. I have identified some of my own personal weaknesses but equally it reinforced my strengths. Some may say they can't afford the time but I say you can't afford not to. I believe this is an inspiring book to improve your mental clarity and emotional and spiritual well being."

Dame Susan Devoy, Four time World Squash Champion, Number One Ranked Player from 1983 – 1992

“An obviously well researched book with exceptional quotes that highlight the accessible information. What really struck me was the down to earth and practical way it is all expressed.”

Ian Ferguson, Four time Gold Medal Olympian, NZ Olympian of the Century

“Continual improvement involves an appreciation that there is always a better way to do things irrespective of how much you have achieved or how comfortable you might be with where you currently are in life. As a young international rugby player I learnt a valuable lesson about sacrifice. The bottom line was the phrase ‘long after the price is forgotten the quality remains’. Undertaking JOLT Challenge involves sacrifice but it is well worth it as you explore creative and innovative ways of challenging yourself for constant improvement in many areas of life.”

Nick Farr-Jones, Australian Rugby Union Player 1984 – 1993, 1991 Rugby Union World Cup Winning Captain

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