“Everybody has enough personal power for something. The trick for the warrior is to pull his personal power away from his weaknesses to his warrior's purpose.”

— Carlos Castaneda, author

JOLT Challenge participants have a greater sense of self-awareness. They better understand how they think, what drives their behaviour and are equipped to meet life’s challenges without distress and burn out. Participants enhance their communication skills, are more creative and experience an improved quality of life. They are more skilled in managing their emotions, connect better with others and are generally happier and able to think smarter. They bring these new skills and experiences to both their home and work environments.

Some of the organisational benefits attributed to JOLT Challenge:

  • Increased productivity & bottom-line
  • Refined team cohesion post restructuring
  • Aligned people with company values/vision
  • Improved communication between teams & departments – eliminated the silo effect
  • Created a knowledge share environment
  • Brought a sense of fun into the work place
  • Improved presentation/communication skills
  • Brought a discipline to and enhance creativity
  • Improved leadership skills

Some of the personal benefits attributed to JOLT Challenge:

  • More confidence – lost inhibitions
  • Increased creativity – not being stuck for ideas
  • Overcame procrastination
  • Increased happiness
  • More energy
  • Achieved peak performance – constantly!
  • Better time management – less stress
  • Deeper awareness and appreciation of self
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved concentration – eliminated distractions
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Adapted to change more easily
  • Goal setting became easy
  • Discovered more opportunities for growth

We have had conversations with people who have claimed that JOLT Challenge has helped save their marriage, enabled them to sort their priorities in life, inspired them to live life to the full and have them excited about life on a daily basis.

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