JOLT Challenge workouts are the most fun, challenging and rewarding experiences that you can have while increasing your knowledge of Self Intelligence and applying that understanding into your daily life.

There are 10 x 90 minute workouts that run weekly during the JOLT Challenge program. These sessions can be held onsite or offsite depending on the space available (minimum 40 sqm required). Every lesson is enthusiastically delivered by an accredited and licensed JOLT Challenge facilitator.

The workouts embed the theory from JOLT Challenge into your life by leading you through experiences that draw on the principles of Self Intelligence. This kind of learning is called experiential learning or ‘learning by doing’ and forms the basis behind all of the exercises.

By learning through experience, you’ll gain a physical and emotional understanding to match your intellectual understanding and increase the impact that each lesson has on your life.

The exercises act as a mirror to your thoughts, emotions and actions. After reflecting on your behaviour during the workouts you’ll have insights that will change the way you perceive yourself and others. These realisations will help you to achieve personal growth at an astounding rate.

To ensure quality learning, there is a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 16 people on each program. Since all of the exercises are unique to JOLT Challenge, the workout participants start off in exactly the same position regardless of their previous experience or social status. By levelling the playing field, relationships are built and communication is strengthened though collaboration and team effort. The workouts give participants a shared language and a resource of shared experiences that they can take away with them each week into their homes and workplaces.

Some of the challenges in JOLT Challenge are…well... challenging. You and your group are encouraged to take risks, try new approaches, and make plenty of mistakes. The workout atmosphere is supportive and non-judgemental so there are no negative barriers getting in the way of the learning process and enjoying a great personal and group experience.

These weekly meetings are so rewarding that businesses like Westpac Bank continued to adopt them into their business culture. Watch their video testimonials and find out the benefits that they’ve taken back into their workplace.

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