What is JOLT Challenge?

JOLT Challenge is an award winning program that gives you the Self Intelligence needed to create positive, practical and permanent change in all areas of your life.

Many people have taken part in the program as individuals or as part of an organisation and they have all reaped the benefits of increasing their Self Intelligence.

The Jolt Challenge program consists of 9 weeks of Self Intelligence training that explores the awareness of your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and capabilities.

This training results in dramatic changes in the 3 major areas of your life; your health, wealth and relationships.

Health: Mental, Physical, emotional and spiritual
Take control of your exercise, eating and sleeping habits. Have the self awareness to master your emotions, understand how your brain works and take time for reflection and relaxation.

Wealth: Career, Business, Savings, Investments
Increase your productivity by aligning your values with your career, determine the barriers in your professional life, and map a path forward for financial success and stability.

Relationships: Family, friends, work related.
Become a self intelligent leader in the workplace and build better relationships with the people that you’re closest to.

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There is no fluff and no puff. Every scrap of information that is presented in the program is directed at improving your life. If it isn’t useful or able to work on the same level for everyone, then you won’t find it in the JOLT Challenge.

How Jolt Challenge Works

JOLT Challenge’s 9 week program is made up of 4 parts.

• The book
• The journal
• Workouts
• and SAM.

Book and Journal

JOLT Challenge kicks off with a 90 minute session that explains how the course will proceed over the next 9 consecutive weeks. It is at this introductory session that you’ll be introduced to your two guides on this journey of self discovery; the JOLT Challenge book and journal.

In the week that follows you’ll use these resources to do the first readings and exercises on your own. The process takes less than 60 minutes a day for five days in the week.

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After the first week, you’ll meet again with the group for a 90 minute workout session to cement what you’ve learnt in a fun, encouraging and supportive environment.

As the process repeats itself over the remaining 8 weeks you’ll form new learning habits and positive patterns of behaviour that will shape exciting changes in the quality of your life.

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Measurement (SAM)

Some changes in your lifestyle will be immediate, while other changes will manifest as the course progresses. To help you gauge your results, JOLT Challenge employs a professionally developed Self Assessment Module (SAM)

The SAM consists of a series of simple questionnaires that are completed at different intervals during and after the program.

Completely browser based, the SAM is a secure password protected service that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

There are also post program interviews for organisational participants so that the application and business impact of the JOLT Challenge can be measured.

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Online Community

After completing the program, you will be invited to join JOLT Challenge’s online community which gives free access to the latest tools, exercises, strategies, articles, podcasts, success stories and support networks.

Before completion of the program you can also join our online community on Facebook and Twitter.

Download: For organisations, you can download a complete overview of JOLT Challenge here (.pdf -4.56mb) »

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