SAM – Self Assessment Module

Remember when your parents used to mark off your growth spurts on the doorframe?

JOLT Challenge’s Self Assessment Module (SAM) gives you the opportunity to mark off the cognitive, emotional, and functional growth spurts that you’ll be having during and after the JOLT Challenge program.

Measurements are taken in the form of 4 simple questionnaires. The first three are taken on the 3rd, 7th and 9th week of the program so that you can be aware of the immediate effects that the JOLT Challenge program has had on your behavioural patterns and self image.

The final measurement comes 4 – 6 weeks after the program has finished. This questionnaire measures the medium term impact that the program has had on you as well as being a chance to reflect on how your life has improved through the development of your Self Intelligence.

There are also post program interviews for organisational participants so that the organisation can measure the application and business impact of JOLT Challenge. The Mind Warriors team can work with your organisation to measure the program’s long term impact and its return on investment by converting the measurement data into monetary value.

All of the results from your questionnaires are taken and compiled into a personalised star graph so that you can see at a glance how much progress you have made as well as the areas that can still be improved upon.

The SAM is completely browser based so you can look at it from anywhere with an internet connection. Your information is private and password protected on a secure server.

The JOLT Challenge Self Assessment Module was developed by Dr Jane Davidson, an internationally recognised specialist in evaluation and measurement and a member of the JOLT Challenge advisory panel.

Dr Davidson has also designed a logic model that shows how organisations can profit from putting their staff through the JOLT Challenge Program. You can see how developing your staff’s Self Intelligence is smart business by downloading the .pdf here

SAM can stand alone but also can link well with existing performance frameworks.
Example: With the Lominger framework, JOLT Challenge develops the Learning Agility competencies: Dealing with ambiguity (2), Composure (11), Personal Learning (45) and Self Knowledge (55) to name a few.

Strengthen Your Foundations 1
Discover Your Amazing Brain 2
Maximise Your Energy 3
Understand barriers to learningBetter prevention of problems we cause (like procrastination)
Understand & optimise how we learnTaking small steps to achieve goals
Openness to learningImproved self-intelligence, self-awareness, concentration
More energised
Optimise mental & physical stateDiscovering & using more opportunities for growth
Measurement One
Action Your Success Strategies 4
Master Your Emotions 5
Explore Your Behaviour 6
Align Your Needs 7
Understanding key success strategiesInternal locus of control; feeling of having choice
Understanding emotions & fear and how to balance themEmotional balance; increased confidence
Understanding needs, values, desires, dreams; linking them to purposeBetter alignment with the organisation’s values (or, taking action to change jobs)
Finding a purpose, calling, passion
Measurement Two
Unleash Your Creative Mindset 8
Map Your Future 9
Concrete plan for your future selfOpenness to ideas, critique, different perspectives
Understanding how to use creativity to break out of unresourceful patternsGenerating creative ideas
Measurement Three
Measurement Four (4-6 weeks after class)