JOLT Challenge Content Overview

While you’re browsing through this page, don’t just think of it as a content overview.

This is a plan, a blueprint for the Self Intelligent super-you.

Take some time to pause while you’re reading to reflect on how each of the lessons learnt will personally benefit you.

What problems would be solved when you can understand and control your emotions? (week 5)

How easy would work be when you’re able to always perform at your peak? (week 7)

How quickly would you take action on the important tasks in your life when all your barriers are removed? (week 1)

The JOLT Challenge program is a 9 week journey of Self Intelligence that will give you a new understanding of yourself and skills that make you the architect of positive changes in your life. One lesson, one exercise and one thought at a time.

Week 1: Strengthen Your Foundations

Gain a holistic view of how you grow. Remove the internal and external barriers that have been holding you back and take some action.

Day 1: Growth Cycle
Day 2: S.U.C.C.E.E.D
Day 3: Overcoming Internal Barriers
Day 4: Overcoming External Barriers
Day 5: Procrastination

Week 2: Discover Your Amazing Brain

Learn how your brain works and how you can harness the potential that it contains.

Day 1: Brain Map
Day 2: Emotional Brain
Day 3: Neurons
Day 4: Brain & Body Chemicals
Day 5: Senses

Week 3: Maximise Your Energy

Increase your physical and mental wellbeing by learning how to keep your mind and body healthy.

Day 1: Brain Nutrition
Day 2: Water
Day 3: Breathing
Day 4: Sleep
Day 5: Exercise

Week 4: Action Your Success Strategies

Create your reality by using visualisation skills and simple strategies for success.

Day 1: Gratitude
Day 2: Intention
Day 3: Visualisation
Day 4: Chunking
Day 5: Modelling

Week 5: Master Your Emotions

Gain an internal awareness that makes it easy to manage your emotions and create an optimistic attitude.

Day 1: Emotions
Day 2: Emotional Barriers
Day 3: Happiness
Day 4: Optimism
Day 5: Desire

Week 6: Explore Your Behaviour

Gain the support of your inner voice. Understand and align your beliefs and values and become aware of the choices that are available to you.

Day 1: Beliefs
Day 2: Inner Voice
Day 3: Values
Day 4: Value Alignment
Day 5: Choice

Week 7: Align Your Needs

Perform at your very best all the time. Understand how your values strengthen your purpose.

Day 1: Stress Alignment
Day 2: Peak Performance
Day 3: Driving Need
Day 4: Self & Belonging
Day 5: Structure & Change

Week 8: Unleash Your Creative Mindset

Learn how to remove distractions so that you can generate creative solutions to problems that have previously seemed unsolvable.

Day 1: Detachment
Day 2: Being In The Moment
Day 3: Attunement
Day 4: Pattern Disruption
Day 5: Problem Solving

Week 9: Map Your Future

Form a flexible action plan so that you know where you want to go and what changes you need to embed in your life to achieve personal fulfilment.

Day 1: Exploration
Day 2: Current Reality
Day 3: Future Reality
Day 4: Tactical Mapping
Day 5: Embedding

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