Bring the theory of the JOLT Challenge program to life with over 150 self intelligence exercises and tools.

The JOLT Challenge journal contains all of the exercises, tools and space for reflection that you need to fully immerse yourself in the JOLT Challenge program.

Each day you’ll be performing exercises and learning tools that correspond to and expand on the theory in the JOLT Challenge book.

These exercises provide you with experiences to stretch your self awareness and leave you feeling inspired.

The journal accommodates for your inspiration by having plenty of room for you to scribble down the thoughts, questions and reflections that will pop up while you are in the process of creating yourself.

As the course progresses the journal transforms into a personalised resource that you can come back to again and again to further your journey into Self Intelligence. You can even develop your own toolkit for areas in your life you require better self management.

Download a sample of the journal and complete the Star Map sample exercise. After filling out this chart you’ll have a clear idea of how you see yourself and the areas of your life that can be improved by mastering your Self Intelligence.

The JOLT Challenge Journal is only available as part of the full program.

“A fascinating programme. Definitely the most comprehensive compilation of personal change techniques that I have ever come across.”

Phillip Mills, Creative Director, Les Mills International,
2004 NZ Entrepreneur of the Year

“After more than 30 years of experience as a consultant and trainer, I can say without hesitation that JOLT Challenge is the most comprehensive and effective life-skills program I have seen. If you’re interested in personal and career success, I strongly recommend JOLT Challenge to you.”

Dr. Ken Hultman, Author of Making Change Irresistible and Balancing Individual and Organizational Values