About the Book

Never has one publication been so rich with the information that you need to make a profound change in your life.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be wading though long passages of text.

The Jolt Challenge’s comprehensive Self Intelligence training is divided into 9 weekly themes. Each one of those themes is comprised of 5 small daily readings so that you can spend all your time concentrating on improving your life by mastering your Self Intelligence.

Presented in a full colour, easy to read format, the book includes quotes, stories, illustrations, cartoons, movie references and trivia to accompany the practical lessons which are the result of years of research in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, therapeutic arts, nutrition and more.

Employees are engaging in their work with a new sense of passion, sportspeople are redefining their levels of performance and cancer victims are improving the quality of their lives – All because they increased their awareness of Self Intelligence.

Find out what 2009 World Masters Games Squash Champion, Kaye Jackson, has to say about how the book helped her.

Read the business case studies and personal success stories that have proven that it doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, you will benefit from participating in the JOLT Challenge program.

This life changing book is endorsed by leading management thinkers, authors and academia like Stephen Covey, Edward de Bono, Dr. Kjell A. Nordström, Professor David Clutterbuck, Dr Ken Hultman, Clare Mann, Professor Francesco Sofo, and many more.

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"An amazing book – so comprehensive, relevant, quotable, practical, doable and inspirational."

Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

"Finally a business book that puts the power of the human mind center stage."

Dr. Kjell A. Nordström, Co-Author of Funky Business