JOLT Challenge Train the Trainers program

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Who is this program for?

This comprehensive Train the Trainer program is for organisations looking to do their own roll out of the JOLT Challenge program. The program is run by JOLT Challenge Master Trainers and they train experienced trainers who want to become accredited JOLT Challenge trainers.

This is a fantastic opportunity for those who are passionate about living a purposeful life and helping others maximise their potential. Increasing one’s Self Intelligence makes you a better leader, strengthens your personal resilience and improves your overall quality of life.

Only accredited facilitators can run the JOLT Challenge program in organisations, so this is your chance to be a part of a growing network of people dedicated to raising human consciousness through simple and effective tools and systems.

About the program

Participants experience JOLT Challenge in its entirety and learn the skills to impart the 9-week program. There is advanced facilitation training involving voice and movement plus mental flexibility drills that enhance spontaneity. They will gain insight into the science and art of the program and participants learn the principles of hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique among other peak performance and psychotherapy tools.


Previous training and/or facilitation experience is required and completion of our accreditation application form. We recommend a minimum of 2 years experience and reserve the right to refuse participants if there’s a lack of suitable experience.


There are two requirements that must be completed satisfactorily to receive accreditation; a live facilitation evaluation and an online assessment. Mind Warriors International reserves the right to not accredit any trainer if they show they are not able to professionally facilitate JOLT Challenge within an organisation and guide people towards positive change.


There are two training options available.
i. 12-week program (1 day a week over 12 weeks)
ii. 10-day program* (5 days a week for 2 weeks)

*= A precursor to the 10 day program involves completing the self-directed learning; book and journal, as laid out over the 9-weeks. This period includes scheduled weekly check-ins with our Master Trainer.


The program comes with a Trainers Manual that provides trainers with a detailed breakdown of the JOLT Challenge program including run-lists for each workout, sample scripts for setting up exercises and relaxation scripts and more. It also includes visual training aids and a copy of the JOLT Challenge book and journal.

Non-accredited Train the Trainer

Mind Warriors International also runs Train the Trainer programs upon request for organisations who want to upskill their trainers but not necessarily license the JOLT Challenge program. All participants will experience the JOLT Challenge in its entirety and gain in-depth knowledge of the tools and exercises of the program. They will be able to add over 150 strategies to their repertoire and gain expert tuition in stress management techniques, hypnosis and other useful training tools.

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