JOLT Challenge 2014 public program

Date: Tues, September 16th – Tues, November 18th 2014
Location: AUT, Auckland Central
Time: 9.00-10.30am

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JOLT your life for success!

JOLT Challenge is a Self Intelligence program that develops self-management and self-leadership skills. It is endorsed by world leading management thinkers such as Dr Stephen Covey and Dr Edward de Bono, business leaders, academia and sporting legends. Leaders in their field are raving about this program.

With the constant increase of demand on people in today’s workforce, being resilient and able to adapt to the constant change is at an unprecedented high and it will only increase. With the diverse work force now in most organisations the ability to effectively communicate and work together is crucial. As a result of today’s pressures, people are becoming stressed, disengaged and leave organisations creating a vacuum of good talent. JOLT Challenge helps individuals to fulfill their potential and brings an organisation together to create a common sense of purpose and dedication to extraordinary results.

Being a public program it is a great opportunity to meet others in similar situations in business where learings can be shared for the benefit of all.

How it works

There are four components to this holistic program; book, journal, 10 x 90-minute weeky workouts and an online measurement system designed by world leading expert Dr Jane Davidson. Participants work on the book and journal in their own time (self-directed) and come together weekly for the workouts (experiential). It is only over time that behavioural change takes place (time spaced) and JOLT Challenge helps the participants to create positive change that lasts.

The program is limited to a maximum of 16 people to ensure you enjoy a quality experience.

So invest in yourself, as who or what could possibly be more important than you!

“I've found the entire experience of JOLT Challenge one of fun, personal growth and valuable insights that I will hold onto for the rest of my life. If you're looking to make an investment in personal learning for yourself, team or your organisation the JOLT Challenge will deliver insight to yourself and others, entertainment and most of all the opportunity to be more successful than you are today.”

— Amanda, Workout participant

At an investment of only $1950 inc. gst including materials imagine what return you could receive.


Sky City Entertainment, Westpac, IAG Insurance Australia, Global Women, MetroWater, Auckland Airport TNT Couriers, Sheppard Industries, have had the JOLT Challenge experience and the program is expanding into Australia and Singapore later this year.

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This program is in Auckland and is limited to a maximum of 16 people to ensure you enjoy a quality experience. However we are able to run a program in your area if you have a group of 12-16 people interested. Please for details.

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"JOLT is a tremendous way to awaken the potential of your brain and give yourself every opportunity and tool to 'succeed' in your life. The real power is the balance between identifying and working towards your life's true purpose and the daily tools and techniques that JOLT provides to enable you to best enjoy the journey along the way."

— Tony, Sheppard Industries