Is JOLT Challenge for me?

JOLT Challenge has proven to be successful for the many individuals who have experienced it. To give you and idea of who and how, read below.

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Business Owners


Yes, it’s a book, but not one that will ever reach your shelf, because once you see the positive influence that the Jolt Challenge has on you and your staff, you will rarely ever put it down.

The Jolt Challenge program is designed to give you the tools that you need for extraordinary business success through the power of Self Intelligence.

After completing the Jolt Challenge, you will be able to:

• Discover the barriers to the success of your business
• Empower your staff to greater levels of productivity
• Align your values with your staff
• And confidently deal with the challenges that small businesses face.

Since completing the Jolt Challenge program, business leaders from Westpac Bank have found value in improving their Self Intelligence. Watch their video testimonials and find out how they have benefitted from incorporating the training into their business.

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Because once you become a Self Intelligent sportsperson, the goals that you have now are going to be achieved with an ease that you didn’t know was possible.

After completing the Jolt Challenge program, you’ll be aware of the connection between your mind and your body. That self awareness brings a psychological edge to your performance that will bring the rewards that were previously unattainable.

The Self Intelligent sports person knows:

• How to properly use visualization and mental rehearsal
• The secret behind peak performance and how to get into the zone quickly
• And how to focus on being 100% in the game.

If you thought we were kidding about needing new goals, then read Carl van Roon’s testimonial.
A world champion martial artist, Carl used techniques from the Jolt Challenge to achieve a goal that had previously eluded him. By mastering his Self Intelligence, Carl won a gold medal. What will Self Intelligence bring you?

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Personal Development


When you’re interested in developing yourself, a lot of time gets spent thumbing through self help books looking for the ideas that can positively influence your life.

The Jolt Challenge book does away with all the fluff and is thick with the ideas and methodology that you need to be Self Intelligent and have a remarkable life.

Practical, inspirational and infectious, the ideas within will give you dramatic results by

• Providing you with an understanding of who you are and who you want to be.
• Giving you insights into how your emotions and drives affect you.
• Showing you how you can make positive changes to your health, wealth and relationships.
• And having measurement tools that you can use to track your progress.

Read through testimonials from people who have participated in the program and have had their lives changed through the strength of the ideas present in the Jolt Challenge.

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Everyone finds change difficult. But by using the Jolt Challenge course and developing your self intelligence, you can navigate through complex changes in your lifestyle and be confident that you’ll get to your desired outcome.

Whether you’re returning to work, finding a more fulfilling job or just need a change in your life, Jolt Challenge is the best guide that you can have.

After completing the Jolt Challenge program you’ll be able to

• Discover your passion, strengths and values.
• Remove the limiting beliefs that hold you back.
• Have a plan in place, with the steps that you need to achieve your goals.
• And overcome all of the barriers that stand in your way.

Facing the uncertainty of planned redundancies, employees from Metrowater took part in the Jolt Challenge course as a means to develop the skills to handle their job transitions. Read about the results of their training here.

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Your health is your most important asset. Unfortunately, should the worst happen, it’s usually a long road to recovery, both mentally and physically. But by practicing the Self Intelligence techniques from the Jolt Challenge program, you can reduce the time that your recovery takes and improve the quality of your life.

Jolt Challenge teaches you the skills that you need to take control of your health and wellbeing by:

• Giving you a set of tools to deal with your challenges.
• Showing you stress management and relaxation techniques
• Improving your self image
• And providing means to overcome mental and emotional barriers.

Read the case study from Canteen and find out how Jolt Challenge has empowered teenagers and young adults suffering from cancer to have a better of quality of life through using the skills learnt from the course.
You can also read about two public program participants and how JOLT Challenge successfully helped them on their journey of recovery.

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