Telecom Women In Leadership complete JOLT Challenge

The Telecom Women In Leadership group are already incredible leaders; busy, successful women juggling work, full lives and families. Somehow they made the time to give JOLT everything, and their leadership skills benefitted accordingly. 

This programme had so many wonderful characters and eye-popping success stories. However one issue was remarkably consistent throughout the group. Many of the women in the group were perfectionists, no doubt this was one reason they were so successful. Yet in some circumstances this was holding them back from achieving their leadership potential. We experienced this in classes as the group struggled to come to grips with new exercises that threw them into a state of chaos. Yet once they had mastery, they inevitably performed the exercises with distinction. So why all the angst during the chaos phase? Participants also shared that this trait showed up in the work environment through lack of delegation and taking on excessive workload themselves - often impinging on their productivity and work/life balance. 

With tools like 'ish' and a newfound focus on creativity, they developed the ability to welcome the state of chaos, with the confidence they would get through that and eventually gain mastery. In the mean time they embraced some of the failures that come with chaos and capitalised on the new ideas that often spring out of those failures. This was applied in the workplace through increased delegation and creating time to focus on the important, rather than the urgent stuff. Which after all is what leaders should do. 

Geoff Simmons, JOLT Challenge Trainer - Wellington

JOLT Public Program - July 2013

"Stopped smoking after 14 years."

"Silenced that critical inner voice."

"Sorted my frustration at work."

"Created the communication I want in my relationship."

"Increased my work productivity and my confidence in."

"Got some balance into my life."


"JOLT Challenge isn't easy, but with a group likes this one it is a an enjoyable and rewarding time. These guys got together and proved to be people who commit, who took the challenges on every week, making time to do the work and getting together each week for full-on workouts and openly discussing trials and triumphs encountered along the way." Timothy Giles, JOLT Trainer

"Lots of good, sometimes tough, work done, friends made, laughter and even a few tears. JOLT works in what we call the Big 3 of life, Health, Wealth and Relationships. Together we achieved some great progress in each of these and emerged with a greater self-intelligence and tools to carry our progress on. The only dark-side is that now we've finished and don't get our weekly time together. Looking forward to our planned catch-up. "This is only the beginning." JOLT Participant

Our next Public Program starts Tuesday 10th September and there's still time to book in! Check out the details here.

JOLT Team supporting CanTeens "The Crank"

Next Friday 13th September the JOLT Challenge Team, consisting of Wade, Steve, Alastair, Jo and Giles will be putting their behinds in the saddle to raise money for CanTeen. CanTeens annual appeal "The Crank" a "12 hour fat burning, adrenaline pumping, quad ripping, exhilarating RPMĀ® cycling event" will be held at the Cloud on Queens Wharf in Auckland Central, and we need your help! We need more people to join our team and do the cycle with us. We currently have two slots available, the 3 til 4pm and the 4 - 5pm so you will really be helping us out! We are each doing 2 hours, so any additional volunteers will be more than welcome too, so we can all walk the next day!! So get your a's into g and email Jo at  to volunteer your support, to join our team, PLEASE?? 

If however, cycling is not your thing but you would be happy to sponsor us to achieve our goal of $2000, please go to our team page and donate. 
More details on the event are available from here

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