• Young, Asian and Unemployed? Know thyself.

    2 May, 2012, by Ying Kong

    Struggling to find employment or even land an interview and find yourself or your friends blaming racist attitudes by New Zealand employers? I urge you to think again. Blaming racism relinquishes self accountability and changing the attitudes of the people around you can be a nigh on impossible task that could leave you suffering a lifetime of frustrations. A simpler and much more effective solution is in knowing yourself and understanding your environment. Continue reading

  • Rugby World Cup 2011 – Triumph through adversity, the story of Aaron Cruden

    28 October, 2011, by Ying Kong

    "I think the key was expecting things to happen. If you hope for the best and don't prepare for it when adversity comes you're not ready for it. Everyone dug as deep as they can." – Richie McCaw What a sensational, nail biting victory it was over France. Continue reading

  • Finding the sun in all the crap - What’s the secret to a Happy Workplace?

    27 April, 2011, by Ying Kong

    Phil Nielson from Christchurch, New Zealand has one of the most unpleasant jobs that you could think of. Since the devastation of the earthquake on the 22nd February 2011 people have been left homeless and without toilets. With nowhere to do their dirty business, hundreds of portaloos have been placed around the city. Phil’s job is to empty the portaloos every day. Continue reading

  • Avoiding change – is all in the mind?

    1 March, 2011, by Ying Kong

    A manager who had completed JOLT Challenge was intrigued about the concept of Pattern Disruption, namely disrupting the brain’s natural tendency to embed thought, emotional, behavioural and environmental patterns. He decided to test the concept by changing the seating layout of the company cafeteria. It was a small change which he thought would have a minor impact on his employees. Throughout the morning following the new seating arrangements, the office was full of negativity about the change. Continue reading

  • Addressing Fatal Flaws

    16 December, 2010, by Wade Jackson

    JOLT Challenge is all about helping people develop their self-awareness so that they may life a live of meaning and achieve their desired level of success and fulfillment. One path to that is to play your strengths rather than just focusing on your weaknesses. This strategy is also recommended for leaders. Continue reading

  • The 8 Rules of the Mind

    20 July, 2010, by Wade Jackson

    As we search for answers in why we do what we do, it’s important to realize that no one discipline holds all the answers. Since psychology became a science in the mid-19th Century we have made leaps in understanding how the mind works. Neuroscience, today’s most rapidly advancing field of science is helping to connect the brain to the mind and behaviour. Continue reading

  • The Self Intelligent Leader

    20 July, 2010, by Wade Jackson

    “Let him that would move the world first move himself.” — Socrates, Philosopher A Self Intelligent leader is someone who spends time developing their self-awareness and the ability to manage their thoughts, emotions, behaviours and capabilities. It may sound easy but in today’s fast-paced world, very few of us take the time to reflect on who we are, our values, our beliefs, our goals, our barriers, let alone spend time developing the skills to manage them. Continue reading

  • The Death of Diets

    30 March, 2010, by Wade Jackson

    “Diet is Die with a t” Garfield the cat It’s no secret – diets don’t work but understanding why they don’t work is a key to better eating habits. The first thing is to look at what a diet is. It’s a temporary restriction of food or calories that results in weight loss. This sounds fine and dandy but there are a couple of problems with this. Continue reading

  • Why creating lasting change is challenging

    10 February, 2010, by Wade Jackson

    As published in M2 Magazine We all know how it goes – you want to create positive change in your lives, whether it’s to lose weight, eat better, exercise more, stop smoking, not get so stressed out at work, save more money, spend more time with friends and family and so on. You have the best intentions and the desire yet you don’t seem to be able to follow through. Continue reading

  • Self Intelligence – the key to your success

    10 February, 2010, by Wade Jackson

    As published in M2 Magazine Success in life begins with the individual and throughout time great philosophers, teachers and leaders have said the same thing – the most important thing you can do to live a fulfilled life is to know yourself better. In the journey of developing one’s self intelligence, it helps to have a guide. Continue reading