Timothy Giles (Giles)

Father of one, Giles is a full-time communicator. He joins Jolt Challenge after working for twenty years as a facilitator in universities and public programs in The USA, UK, Hong Kong and right across NZ.

Giles has worked with corporate, sporting, non-profit and youth groups and runs courses in media training to hospitality. And it all began co-creating an anger management course delivered in schools across Auckland by Youthline.

When he's not facilitating he's training in the pool or running, hosting talkback, consulting on public relations or writing his magazine columns about wine, travel and natural health.

"When I did the Jolt Challenge, I got so much value out of it that I wanted be a part it. And I am just stoked now to be an accredited Jolt Challenge facilitator."

Geoff Simmons

Geoff is a trainer, writer and economist.

He has been active in both corporate and public sector training for the last ten years. He has led corporate training sessions in presentation skills, creative thinking and developing harmony with teams. Geoff has trained members of the public in improvisation, one of the most challenging of all the dramatic arts. His teaching style is focussed on helping people gently overcome what is stopping them leading the life they want to live.

An accomplished improv performer himself, Geoff has performed on stages in North America, the UK and in New Zealand. He is a member of The Improv Bandits, and Co-Creative Director of Wellington Improv Troupe. Geoff draws on his performance background to make all his training sessions energetic, fun and engaging.

Geoff spent four years working as a Senior Analyst in the New Zealand Treasury, two years as an Economic Adviser in the UK Home Office and three years managing a team as Enterprise Policy Team Manager in the UK's East Midlands Development Agency. This experience allows him to understand and address the issues confronting high performing teams. More recently he has co-authored a book on the New Zealand Health Sector with Gareth Morgan.

Geoff is above all a highly trained communicator, who is an expert in getting complex ideas across in simple ways. This approach is perfectly suited to the JOLT Challenge philosophy.