Who are you? Where are you going? How much do you really know about yourself? How do you think, feel and act? How well do you manage yourself? 

JOLT Challenge is an amazing experience into your own Self Intelligence providing you with the essentials to navigate through life.

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Find out how a Self Intelligent workforce can make a substantial difference to the success of your organisation through the JOLT Challenge system.

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Transforming organisations by changing people's lives
JOLT Challenge is at the forefront of organizational behaviour change by developing a more Self Intelligent workforce. It operates at all levels in an organization towards creating a sticky, high performing culture. As good as your strategy may be, it is your culture that determines the success of your organization. The JOLT system provides individual and collective insights, experiences and tools to shape your culture to align with your strategic goals.

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JOLT Public Program - July 2013

"Stopped smoking after 14 years." "Silenced that critical inner voice." "Sorted my frustration at work." "Created the communication I want in my relationship." "Increased my work productivity and my confidence in." "Got some balance into my life."   "JOLT Challenge isn't easy, but with a group likes this one it is a an enjoyable and rewarding time. Continue reading

JOLT Team supporting CanTeens "The Crank"

Next Friday 13th September the JOLT Challenge Team, consisting of Wade, Steve, Alastair, Jo and Giles will be putting their behinds in the saddle to raise money for CanTeen. CanTeens annual appeal "The Crank" a "12 hour fat burning, adrenaline pumping, quad ripping, exhilarating RPM® cycling event" will be held at the Cloud on Queens Wharf in Auckland Central, and we need your help! We need more people to join our team and do the cycle with us. Continue reading

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